Golden Giving Pledge Campaign

Golden Giving Pledge Campaign

Annual Golden Giving Pledge Campaign

The annual Golden Giving Pledge Campaign is an opportunity to support Agape Bay Area’s intention in 2024 to expand our services to our loving spiritual community and to the local community at large.

The Golden Giving Pledge Campaign is also a chance to practice what we teach. It’s time to flex our spiritual muscle and prove our principles, to tap into the inner reservoir where absolute faith and knowingness reside. Know that you are immersed in a sea of infinite good, which seeks expression through and as you! Your ministers and practitioners know this Truth for and about you in their daily prayers. Faith in all good God, always freely given, is the substance that is transformed into an abundant life.

Your open heartedness to give makes it possible for Agape Bay Area to receive, turn around, and continue to serve you, our entire community, and the world. Your spiritual community is here for you. We see you, appreciate you, and always know the highest Truth of you.

You are invited to consider what your spiritual community means to you, and, if it enriches you and makes a positive impact on your life, to commit to sharing your love and light by using our pledge form for the coming year’s tithing decision. Please pledge today.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Pledge Program simplifies how your donations to Agape Bay Area are given and tracked. You start by making a pledge to donate an amount you declare for the next fiscal year. You also specify when you will donate (weekly, monthly, quarterly). You can donate by automated payments from your bank and or by check.

Pledge donations go into what is called “the general fund”. This money is used to pay all ongoing, routine expenses necessary to maintain the church and its property such as rents, salaries, musicians and insurance.

Participants fill out a Pledge card and make a commitment to donate a declared amount over the course of the year.

When you donate, you can use an automatic check writing service from your bank, or you can use your Credit Card for automatic payments directly to your pledge.

If you make a Pledge, then all donations will be credited toward your annual pledge. However, if you wish to write a check to Agape Bay Area for another purpose such as the “Music Ministry” then you may designate a payment for that purpose. Events and costs for classes and workshops are not credited toward your pledge.

When you make a Pledge, the information is kept confidential within Agape Bay Area’s records system. Only the Treasurer and the ministers have access to that information. Our policy is to restrict access and respect each donor’s privacy. The end of year financial statements that you receive are individually mailed straight to you. As an added measure of privacy, you can request that your name be withheld on any public listing of pledge donor names.

You can make donations any time or way that you like. Agape Bay Area needs your support and appreciates every contribution. We are all trustees of our loving spiritual community and obligated to support it as it supports us.

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