Please join one of our ministry teams and assist us in fulfilling our mission to awaken human consciousness

Ministry Teams

Education Director
Rev.Dr. Joan Steadman

Education Registrar
Jim Binder

Prayer Director
Rev. Verona Garland

Greeter/Usher Director
Robert Pomonis

Practitioner Co-leader
Robyn Rice Olmstead

Practitioner Co-leader
Robert Pomonis

Music Director:
Music Team:
Kathy Buys

Valerie Roberts

Robyn Rice Olmstead

Communications Director
Jim Binder

​Email Communications
Jacquie Onipede, ALSP

Social Media Communications
Yette Lozano

Sunday Slides
Jana Young

Constance Rose

Audio Visual Director
Matt McCully

Sound Tech
Rodney Gibson

Service Director
Robert Pomonis, ALSP

Fundraising Director
Geri DeLaRosa


If you want to join a ministry, please contact us by email at


Kehilla Synagogue
1300 Grand Avenue, Piedmont 94610