Pathway to Becoming a Professional Practitioner

We offer a transformational education program that cultivates an individual’s evolution of consciousness. We offer classes that are warm, welcoming, fun, interactive, and full of wisdom and spiritual principles, practices, and processes that lead to nothing less than spiritual transformation of the whole person.

Our two-year program is a deeply experiential consciousness-building process which includes specific studies that prepare candidates for advanced participation in spiritual community. This innovative curriculum is intended to develop the necessary skills associated with the art of spiritual counseling, community building and spiritual leadership.

Practitioner Studies Prerequisite Courses

1. Awake and Activate: Unlock Your Spiritual Power

2. Prayer 1

3. Meditation 2.0: The Evolution of Consciousness

4. Life Visioning

5. Mysticism

6. Roots of Agape | The Answer Is You | Spiritual Liberation
(one of these three classes is required)

7. Prayer 2

8.  Pre-Prac Prayer and Principles

9. Professional Practitioner Studies I – (30 weeks)

10. Professional Practitioner Studies II – (30 weeks)

The scope of this course of experiential study is greater than any of the classes you have previously taken. Because this journey leads to a professional license and a position of sacred trust, it is important to begin working with an Agape Licensed Practitioner on a regular basis prior to and during your studies.

Set a Clear Intention: Professional Practitioner Studies is a professional program leading to licensing for individuals who are clear that being a professional Agape Practitioner is a calling to a life of service and committed spiritual practice. Being an Agape Licensed Practitioner is a calling to ecclesiastical office. Take time to contemplate your intention for pursuing this program of study and your expectations of life as an ALSP.

Finally, The Application Process: After you have fulfilled the course requirements, and have completed an interview process, you are now ready to apply for Practitioner Studies! Applications are provided after individual interviews scheduled after the “Intro to Practitioner Studies” class.



Kehilla Synagogue
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