Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

We envision a just world
where love reigns supreme and
joyful abundance is the order of the day.
Where all beings are truly honored,
deeply respected, fully resourced,
and coexist in peace,
compassion and harmony.

Our Mission

We co-create this world
by embodying, practicing and
teaching New Thought/Ageless Wisdom
Principles and Practices
that lead to individual transformation,
which ignites collective change.

Our 8 Core Values

Inclusive. We honor and respect all beings.

Radical Forgiveness. We liberate ourselves and each other.

Love. We “be” unconditional and compassionate.

Integrity. We are honest and authentically aligned with Spirit.

Spirituality. We go deep into spiritual practice to gain wisdom.

Community. We are kind, diverse, and united in Truth.

Service. We share and care with helping hands and open hearts.

Freedom. We are a safe environment for full expression.


Kehilla Synagogue
1300 Grand Avenue, Piedmont 94610