Terry Stanley and Nancy Iskander

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Terry Stanley and Nancy Iskander


Terry Stanley is vocalist who has grown up in the Centers for Spiritual Living. He sang with Dominion a cappella ensemble from East Bay Church of Religious Science and currently sings with the Sounds of Joy, and CO-LLAB choir, a secular choir in Oakland.

Nancy Iskander is a pianist, piano instructor, and technician based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Nancy began playing at the age of 7 and started with the traditional private methods then available.

When Nancy entered the University Wisconsin-Milwaukee to study piano and voice Nancy was fortunate to
have Jeffrey Hollander as her piano professor. He encouraged her to focus on the emotional rendition of
classical pieces. She later studied at the Conservatoire de Paris where the focus was on technical
rendition. Her studies with Jose Sentis, the great composer of tangos and pasa dobles encouraged her to
pay close attention to the rhythm. Nancy also studied studio engineering at DVC and orchestration and
theory at St. Mary’s College.

With an international career that ranges from the exotic resorts of Marrakesh to the night clubs of Rush
Street in Chicago, you will have the opportunity to choose songs from many different countries and cultures.